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Head instructor

Renshi Tony Papenfuss is the head instructor at the Monash University Jiu-jitsu Club. He has been a student of Jiu-jitsu and Judo for over 25 years and holds the ranks of 4th dan in Jiu-jitsu and 4th dan in Judo. He also spent 7 years training in Kung Fu. Sensei Tony has been teaching martial arts since 1990 and has been running his own clubs since 1992. In addition to teaching at Monash, he also runs classes at the headquarters of the Australian Federation of Instructors.

Clayton class instructors

Instructor: Sensei Tim Wilkin, 2nd dan Jiu-jitsu, 1st dan Judo
Assistant: Sempai Toby Paltridge

Caulfield class instructors

Instructor: Sensei Dan Prager, 2nd dan Jiu-jitsu, 3rd dan Judo, black sash Kung Fu
Assistant: Sempai Lejoe Kuriakose

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